What’s at stake when your email signature is out of sync?

It’s a very common problem, and one that we’ve all faced before. You set up a great new work computer, phone or home laptop and install Outlook, and everything reappears just as you left it except your email signature. At best, if you know what you’re doing, it takes time and patience to set it up again. At worst, you need to wait for the IT department to sort it out or you begin sending emails without any signature.

So, why are consistent business email signatures so important? Apart from the key contact information meant to be delivered at the bottom of an email, signatures are an essential part of your branding and marketing. They are often the first exposure a recipient has to your business, its credibility and professionalism. If you’ve set up a signature with a mismatched logo, random formatting and your own favourite quote, the result can be confusing and amateurish. Instead, what you’re aiming for is a unified signature across your entire company that leaves the best impression every time.

Last summer, Microsoft announced that Outlook for Windows would be updated to provide email synchronization across multiple desktop computers. While this new functionality from Microsoft was definitely a positive step in the right direction, there remain a couple of intractable issues that were not addressed and which businesses may well need to consider and tackle. These include:

  1. The new Microsoft functionality is limited to users of Outlook PC users. Syncing signatures those using Outlook Online, Outlook Mobile or Outlook for Mac has yet to be addressed by Microsoft. So, if your employees work on a combination of devices – as is increasingly common in the hybrid work environment – consistent signatures will remain a problem.
  2. Each time branding changes, such as a logo tweak or a promotion tagline being added to the signature, employees will need to be notified and instructed to manually upload the new signature. Once again, this is time-consuming, is open to mishandling, or could simply be forgotten.

Given that your business may have people working across multiple devices and that you’ll probably want to add promotion taglines or banners on a regular basis to your email signatures, what’s the solution?

This is where Letsignit comes in. Their research shows that ‘121 professional emails are sent and 40 are received each day’ by an average employee. So, that’s 121 reasons per person/per day to get it right. The Letsignit simple and affordable tool allows your email signatures to be professional, engaging and 100% cohesive, regardless of the device being used by your workforce. What’s more, Letsignit gives you ways to genuinely empower your brand through your email signature. Here’s how:

  1. Automatic harmonisation by Letsignit of your brand’s dominant colours once you’ve uploaded your logo, so there’s no need for HTML skills.
  2. Use your email signatures to relay taglines or banners in support of your marketing campaigns. You can even choose which collaborators will be targeted by which campaign and for how long, all done automatically using a calendar tool.
  3. Measure your email signatures’ ROI by collecting clicks.
  4. Connect Letsignit with Azure AD or G Suite Directory to automatically synchronize employee database & directory groups.
  5. Automatically push email signatures on each new email on Outlook via the Letsignit App (available for Mac & Windows/no administrator rights needed).

If your business has a workforce using Office 365 and wants to take control of email signatures, amplify marketing campaigns and have better brand management, speak to us today about Letsignit. Together, we can make poor first impressions a thing of the past.

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