Redefine the way you do business, with Microsoft Azure.

Replace legacy on-premises infrastructure and expensive bespoke Cloud environments by migrating to Microsoft’s Enterprise-grade Public Cloud platform.

Take your business productivity to the next level

Microsoft provides a wide range of solutions to suit organisations of all sizes. With the global success of Office 365, Microsoft has built a full suite of cloud services to help organisations transform their IT with modern solutions. Traditional IT infrastructure can be modernised with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services. Legacy applications can be transformed using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services like Azure SQL.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Consolidating productivity, collaboration, communication, and costs.

Azure Virtual Machines

Build out a virtual datacentre environment to replace legacy on-premises or IaaS platforms, with 99.9% per-instance uptime. Discounts are available of up to 70% in return for a 1 or 3-year commitment via Azure Reserved Instances, making the move to Azure more accessible and cost-effective.

Desktop and Application Delivery

Solutions include Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, delivering Cloud apps securely whilst maintaining a high-quality user experience.

Azure Storage

From low-speed, low-cost storage through to replicated, high-performance premium storage, with options including Azure File Shares, Object Storage and Virtual Machine Storage.

Backup and DR

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions provide secure traditional backup whilst adding the ability to fully recover your environment to the Cloud, with data storage from as little as 1.8c per GB.

Hybrid Cloud

Build and deploy applications in the same way for cloud and on-premise environments with Azure and Azure Stack.

Cloud Optimisation

Minimise cost whilst ensuring the highest performance by using Machine Learning, maximising the return on your investments.

What are the benefits for your business?

Microsoft Azure gives customers more than just cloud infrastructure. It gives them the technology tools they need to transform the way they work. It’s scalable, secure, and accessible from anywhere, making it the perfect platform for business growth.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage Spanning 54 regions, Azure beats all other cloud providers for its geographic coverage, meaning that it can support customers wherever they need to put their data.

Groundbreaking innovation

Azure hosts next-generation technologies like AI and blockchain, giving customers access to cutting edge options that they wouldn’t have the resources to develop themselves.

Broad ecosystem

Azure isn’t just a cloud infrastructure; it’s an entire ecosystem. Azure Marketplace and AppSource provide thousands of cloud-based applications and services to give customers the functionality they need.


Azure lets you rent computing and storage power as you need it, scaling up and down according to demand. Have the resources you need on demand.

Why Compupac for Microsoft Azure?

Certified Gold Partner

At Compupac we are proud to be a certified Azure Gold Partner provider with demonstrated expertise in delivering quality solutions.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Compupac closely follow the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure migration, which outlines best practices for your move. This means that not only can you be confident in the knowledge of our consultants, you can be assured that our migration activities are of Microsoft standard.

Additional Azure solutions

Complement your Azure platform with our guidance on a range of additional services. From Windows Virtual Desktop to enable remote working, Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery, and Identity Management with Azure AD, our consultants have the skill to implement the solutions that will work for you.

Talk to us about Microsoft Azure today-

Chat to us about a complimentary Azure workshop, tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Whether you’re just starting on your Cloud journey and need us to determine the steps needed for Azure migration, or want to discuss the latest solutions to compliment your existing infrastructure, our technical experts will recommend the solutions that will work best for you.