Cyber Security

Minimize risks by providing several layers of security measures to protect the network.

Secure your business with an end-to-end service that manages risk

Our highly skilled security team offers both Managed Security Services and Security Consulting Services tailored to business needs. Compupac is positioned as Microsoft’s leading cloud services provider, to combine or segment, IT and Security Managed Services, in providing end-to-end security vigilance.


Managed Detection & Response Portfolio

Whether you need monitoring and detection support to work with your service desk or a fully managed security service to respond to active exploits and a deeper insight into your companies security posture, our team of cyber security experts is there to help you.

Security Consulting Services

Compupac has a broad portfolio of security solutions that can be deployed at any stage to protect organisations against the fast-evolving cyber threats coming at them.

Print Security

Even one unsecured Printer can make your whole company insecure. Print security engagement is all about taking back control through standardisation and centralised monitoring.

The cyber threat landscape evolves rapidly. Businesses need layers of security solutions to be fully protected.

49% of businesses in Ireland reported a cybercrime in the last two years.

Cyber Security Services

Email Protection

Compupac protects Emails through a cloud-based service that filters and blocks unwanted emails, phishing attempts and malicious email attachments before they reach your organisation.

Identity Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions enforce policies that control employee access to applications, systems and networks.

Mobility Security

Compupac Mobile Device Management encourages companies to enforce a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy. Delivering a secure and controlled mobile access environment and providing the ability to locate, lock, and potentially wipe lost corporate devices.

Threat Analysis and Reporting

Compupac Threat Monitoring solution collects and analyses information across your network, devices and security tools to identify patterns of potential threats.

Firewall & Internet Protection

Firewalls act as the control between your network and the Internet. A firewall monitors and controls traffic on your network and acts as a filter allowing traffic to reach your network based on pre-determined factors.

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Compupac PatchGuard alerts and responds to identified vulnerabilities on PC’s, laptops, physical and cloud servers across a selection of commonly targeted applications that include Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and web browsers.

End Point Protection

End point protection does not only include antivirus, it includes many security tools for securing the various endpoints across the organisation.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a security measue that asks users for two different forms of identification. Using 2FA makes it much more difficult for intruders to access company information.

Security Monitoring (SOC)

Compupac CyberView is a cloud-based service that is designed to identify hidden threats and make users aware of them. It collects logs and internet usage patterns from businesses’ firewalls which are then analysed and converted into easy to understand reports.

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