Microsoft Teams

The Ultimate Workspace for Forward-Thinking Teams

Organizations with ambitious goals and powerful workforces need a digital workspace to make those goals a reality. In the old days, multiple platforms were necessary to share files, chat, host meetings, and strategise with teams. Now, we can integrate all these functions and more into Microsoft Teams. For companies looking to increase employee productivity, improve collaboration, and enable innovation, Microsoft Teams is the silver bullet.  

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams with these features

Make meetings more personal and increase your productivity by collaborating in real time.

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing your screen so they can see the same content.

Digitally sit in a shared background, making it feel like you’re in the same room with everyone else

Co-author files in real time. Securely store, access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere.

Streamline tasks and critical business processes by integrating apps and workflows.

Meet regulatory, legal, and organizational needs with industry-leading compliance offerings.

Your Microsoft Plan

Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, if your goal is to migrate your organisation to Microsoft Teams, we can help. You could be on a phone system and are now ready for a comprehensive move to the cloud. Maybe you’re already on Skype for Business and you’re ready to move forward with Microsoft Teams. Perhaps you’ve attempted to adopt Teams but couldn’t make it work for voice and meetings. Wherever your company lands, we can help you chart a path forward. You’ll be fully migrated to Teams in no time.


Features of a Teams Solution

Easy chat

Share your opinion and have fun with your team. Send GIFs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or in one-to-one messages.


Make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams with advanced features like group calling, cloud voicemail, and call transfers.


Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of two or 10,000 can meet in one place from anywhere.

Collaborative working channels

Easily find, share, and edit files in real time using familiar apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Advanced Security and Privacy Features

The ‘Trustworthy by default and design’ policy

Teams is designed and developed in compliance with Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle. Privacy and security are embraced throughout product development and transparency for users is key. Microsoft doesn’t deliver data-driven advertising and deletes all data after a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) subscription ends. Teams also meets more than 90 regulatory and industry standards, giving users peace of mind that their data and personal information isn’t at risk.

Enhanced security and privacy for video conferencing

Users can manage who can see meetings, participate in them and access meeting information. Meeting organisers can stipulate who waits in the ‘lobby’, remove participants during a meeting and designate “presenters” and “attendees”. All meeting participants are notified when a recording starts, and recordings are stored in a controlled repository protected by encryption and permissions. Teams also benefits from artificial intelligence (AI) which monitors chats to help prevent negative behaviours.

Identity and account protection

Teams uses multi-factor authentication which protects your username and password by adding a second form of verification such as a code delivered through a mobile app. This fundamentally protects businesses from cybercriminals targeting employees with weak or stolen passwords. Microsoft Teams enforces this authentication through ‘Azure Active Directory’ — a single, trusted, back-end repository for user accounts.

Talk to us about Microsoft Teams today

During uncertain times like these, using a fully secure solution to support your business can be the difference between struggle and success. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it can help keep your business productive and secure, get in touch with us for a free 6-month trial.