Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Get a phone system designed for Office 365. Built for small and medium businesses.

VoIP phone calls are integral to the future of business communications – Microsoft Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system solution that integrates with Office 365, making it perfect for small to medium businesses.

What is included in Microsoft 365 voice?

Enterprise-grade phone system

Reliable and secure calling delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud.

Built-in audio conferencing

Add flexibility to your meetings with a dial-in number, integrated into every online meeting.


Calling plan

Get new phone numbers or migrate existing ones. Make and receive PSTN calls to any number.


 Calling, chat, and meetings in a single app


  • Simplify your communications by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams. Your contacts and calendar are connected across Teams and Outlook. And take collaboration to the next level by using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within calls and meetings.



Call from anywhere, on any device

Stay connected with a single phone number across your computer, mobile device, and desk phone. Get a consistent experience across devices with the Microsoft Teams app and Teams devices. Make calls and join meetings with one-click.


Delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud

Keep your business secure and running smoothly with an enterprise-grade phone system. Microsoft’s cloud provides built-in redundancy and load balancing with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus you get cloud-powered AI with voicemail transcription, inline chat translation, and real-time captioning in meetings.


Simplified setup, billing, and management

Save time and money with a single provider for all your communications. Easily manage your phone system from the familiar Office 365 admin console, adding phone numbers in minutes. Enjoy a cloud-based phone system without the hassle and costs of maintaining a PBX.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Easy to use

Call from anywhere on any device, using the Microsoft Teams app. Join meetings with one click. A single platform with one interface and one secure login. Make and receive PSTN calls to any number.


Microsoft Business Voice is hosted on the trusted Microsoft Cloud, with built-in redundancy and load balancing, meaning optimum security and 99% uptime guaranteed


Business Voice is completely integrated with all other Microsoft 365 services for all-in-one communications. Easily manage your phone system from the familiar Office 365 admin console.

Single phone number

Single phone numbers can be created for each individual across all devices, you can choose to migrate existing numbers or create new ones.

Reduced costs

Save money and time: no need for expensive and complex internal phone systems.

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