Hosted PBX Phone System for Businesses

Feature-rich cloud business VoIP phones for small business, large enterprises and carriers.

IP Hosted Phone System

No Lines. No On-Site Equipment. No Limits.

Up to 40% Savings

Cut line rental, maintenance and upgrade fees and get excellent rates for service and features to save 40% on average on your phone bill.

Hosted Features

Mobile landline, high capacity call and video conferencing, call recording, parking, group hunting, multi-site, global on-net calls and much more.

Hosted Control

Infinitely scalable users and limitless flexibility. Add new users, sites, features and call strategies in and instant with reporting for smart decisions.

“Compupac IT has been very understanding, helpful and transparent with first-class training and support.”

IP Hosted PBX Benefits

Futureproof Unified Communications for Business

Reliable HD Calling

HD hosted voice calls with reliability, instant cloud DR and unlimited support.

Fully Managed

Manage your infrastructure in house but add more features and more in house control.

Blended Approach

It doesn’t have to be hosted vs Teams, Compupac are experts in hybrid installation.

Keep Your Numbers

Migrate your numbers to Compupac to maintain that customer / client familiarity.

Cost Savings

Hosted means no lines, no machines, no expensive maintenance and no stress.

Call Strategies

Set up smart call strategies with instant push using intuitive click and drag tools.

Device Management

Hardware is mapped to our hosted solution for dynamic device management.

Rapid Deployment

Downtime-free transition to Compupac Hosted with remote account and device setup.

National Multi-Site

Test international markets with the only truly global UCaaS supplier in Ireland.

Partner with Compupac

Deploy Hosted PBX Anywhere

Grow and support your customer base with
sophisticated partner management tools.

Compupac Hosted PBX Suits

Infinitely Scalable IP Phone System for Any Size Business

Startups and Small Business VoIP

Low cost, quickly deployed cloud phone system that is packed with features and grows with your business

Large Enterprise VoIP

Start creating new business today and offer customers the most advanced hosted IP solution in the world.

Public Sector Hosted VoIP

Large organisations are embracing the cost savings, flexibility and dependability of IP hosted phone systems.

BRIA Softphone

Hosted Landline on Your Mobile

Hosted PBX communications in your pocket.
Rated 4.3 on the Apple and Android Store.

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