How Dynamics 365 can support SMB growth

As a small-medium business it is important to utilise technology that scales as your business grows. Dynamics 365 includes both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. There are many solutions in the Dynamics 365 portfolio to suit a wide variety of businesses and industries, however the three key products for SMBs are: Business Central, Customer Service Professional and Sales Professional. Through the use of these three products SMBs can enhance business processes, transform productivity and allow your business to continue to grow without needing to change software solution. Below is a product description and how the product can support SMB growth for each of the three solutions.

Business Central

What is the product?
Business Central is an all-in-one ERP solution designed to manage all business processes including management of finances, sales and customer service and operations. It allows business to boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows and gives a complete view of a business with actionable insights from analytics. It is an extremely flexible solution that can be adapted to suit different business needs.

How can it support SMB growth?

Some of key issues that SMBs face are disconnected systems and complex manually intense processes. These issues lead to decreased productivity and less time to grow a business.

Through the use of Business Central, SMBs can connect people and processes with seamless sharing of information. This allows SMBs to spend more time focusing on their customer’s needs and less time on data and logistics. As Business Central is a Microsoft solution it seamless integrates with other products and has full support for mobile devices, allowing employees to work from anywhere. Finally, one of the greatest benefits of Business Central is easily it scales with your business, there are modules that can be added or removed as business needs change, and as it is 100% cloud-based there is no need to invest in additional hardware or software.

Customer Service Professional

What is the product?
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional is a CRM solution designed to give a businesses’ customer service team all the tools they need to provide customer service efficiently and effectively. The solution allows employees to manage customer service cases, track previous cases and view analytics to ensure customers receive the best experience.

How can it support SMB growth?

In order to grow a business, it is important to put customers first. This can be a time consuming process, especially if the processes involved are manual. Customer Service Professional businesses can create self-service portals, allowing customers easy access to information that allows them to resolve issues independently, often faster than customer support can be in touch. For when customer need to speak to an employee all the information can be logged in Dynamics 365 and over time the insights can be reviewed to optimise performance, get a 360 degree view of customer journeys and reduce operational costs.

Sales Professional

What is the product?
Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is a CRM solution designed to enable sales and customer management teams the information they require to accurately track and manage all leads and prospects. Through the solution it allows sales teams to make data driven decisions to increase revenue and productivity, regardless of the industry.

How can it support SMB growth?

If there is one solution that is perfect to support SMB growth, it is Sales Professional. Sales Professional has all the tools needed to better manage customer relations, close deals faster, boost sales revenue and free up more time for more selling. The solution allows sales teams to prioritise high value prospects and get a complete view of all customer interactions to provide a better experience for the customer. It also gives cross-sell and upsell opportunity to further increase revenue without spending large amounts of time researching and manually checking each customer’s data. The setup and customisation in a simple process and can be adapted to suit ever evolving business needs.

If you are a small business that aims to grow your revenue and customer base, or provide a better experience for your current customers, there will be a Dynamics 365 solution that can help you achieve this. If you want to find out more, get in contact with us today!

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