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Guard against the #1 security threat.

Phishing & Ransomware Threatens Your Business

Phishing and e-mail malware represent the top threat businesses face when dealing with cybersecurity. 

Phishing emails have become more sophisticated, making them difficult for end users to detect. Even with security awareness education, many employees will continue to fall prey to these schemes, causing real financial losses that can seriously impact your business.

That’s why a comprehensive email security solution should involve both cutting-edge technology and a methodology for boosting and then leveraging human intelligence.

Because technology alone cannot catch all of these tactics, it’s also important that all employees are trained to recognize phishing attempts and respond appropriately.

Impact to Business

Spear Phishing

Aimed at any employee, these attacks are designed to gain a foothold in an organization by stealing credentials and gathering attack intelligence.


Sometimes confused with spear-phishing, whaling targets high-value employees such as management or VIPs in a highly personalized way, extorting money or credentials.


Ransomware needs only a single victim to start spreading, encrypting and destroying company data, crippling business and causing downtime and loss of revenue.

Polymorphic Attacks

Emails that automatically vary their properties to defeat signature-based scanning. The threat these messages pose to email security is formidable and difficult to remediate.

Business Email Compromise

A highly-targeted attack designed to conduct financial fraud. Relying on spoofing or impersonating a co-worker or trusted third party to compromise an email system from within.

Our intelligent and innovative phishing protection dramatically reduces phishing and malware emails using advanced threat protection that includes automation, sender fingerprinting, behavioral analysis, URL/link protection, and sandboxing of email attachments.

This multi-layered approach provides a level of protection not available in traditional mail filtering or anti-spam solutions.

In addition, employees are clearly notified of suspicious messages and can take action to report phishing attempts, even on mobile devices. This leads them to make better security related decisions, becoming part of the solution against advanced phishing threats that might impact others in their organization.

Anti-Phishing Filtering

Detects attempts to impersonate your users and custom domains. It applies machine learning models and advanced impersonation-detection algorithms to avert phishing attacks.

Safe Attachments

Provides zero-day protection to safeguard your messaging system, by checking email attachments for malicious content. Suspicious messages and attachments are routed to a virtual environment, and then machine learning and analysis techniques are used to detect malicious intent. If no suspicious activity is found, the message is forwarded to the mailbox

Safe Links

Provides time-of-click verification of URLs, for example, in emails messages and Office files. Protection is ongoing and applies across your messaging and Office environment. Links are scanned for each click: safe links remain accessible and malicious links are dynamically blocked.

Rapid Deployment

Phishing threats can creep in over time, but often criminals will launch large-scale phishing attacks targeting all of your employees and clients, potentially damaging your business reputation.

To respond and combat that threat, our team can rapidly deploy our Compupac CloudSecure Phishing Protection to provide immediate protection and peace of mind.

Implementation takes minutes, and integration with existing email tools such as Office 365, Exchange, and G-Suite is immediate and seamless. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, there’s no hardware or software necessary to get started.

Outlook & Mobile Integration

Many phishing attacks take place on mobile devices, where email addresses are often hidden from view and users are responding quickly while on the go.

Compupac CloudSecure Phishing Protection provides visible banners on suspicious messages and provides a Report Phishing button to report suspected spam and phishing attacks.

Protect your inbox from fraud and theft.

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